Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PIP: Organizing Christmas

Journeying towards ones best self does not always have to involve the heavy emotional navel-gazing described in yesterday's post. Sometimes a few bucks, SOLO cups, duck tape and some color coding is all you need! Today's post will be my first Pinterest Inspired Project or "PIP" for short! By the way, if you would like to follow me on Pinterest, click the Pinterest icon in the sidebar on the right!

If you read my old blog, you would know that my favorite holiday is Christmas. As one could imagine, Christmas being my favorite holiday and all, I own a TON of Christmas ornaments. For years, I moved them from place to place in one inadequately sized plastic bin and a motley crew of disintegrating cardboard boxes. This year, with another move on the horizon in June, I decided NO MORE!

Inspired by similar projects on Pinterest I created my own ornament storage using SOLO cups, industrial strength Duck Tape, flattened cardboard mailers, and plastic bins.

As you can see, I wrapped fragile ornaments in tissue paper, but I put multiple sturdy ornaments into other cups. Three layers of cups fit in one bin! I was able to fit all of my ornaments, with room to spare in one storage bin. Off-size ornaments, that did not fit into the cups, were wrapped in tissue and tucked in with the top layer. 

Lastly, I took a page from blogger Sew Many Way's  book and purchased Christmas colored bins to store everything. This way, I will never be searching for the Christmas bins, they will be easily recognizable in the disaster zone that is my storage unit. As I said, all of my ornaments fit into one bin, and the other houses my lights, wreathes, tree skirt, etc. 

I was so pumped to organize this one little corner of my life, and all it took was about $20 of supplies and a free afternoon. However, before you pat me on the back for my domestic goddessry, take note...

My Christmas tree is STILL up...and it's February 20th. Sigh. One thing at a time, right? 


  1. When you feel guilty about your Christmas, I suggest you read the following. It will make you feel better. If not about your timing, at least about your restraint.

    I have SO much Christmas stuff hubby bought me a shed. A shed. I prefer the clear bins so I can see what's inside, but I still label the tar out of them (Country tree, Beach tree, Blue, Turquoise, R&G...oy. and yes, I have a blue tree and a turquoise tree...I need therapy.) I used to be ever so careful with each ornament, then I ran out of room...even in the shed. Now, unless they are very fragile, I just carefully set them in the bin, on top of each other and call it. Most trees are in one bin, but I have a few that take two or three, again, therapy.

    Then come the lights, which believe it or not, stay untangled by rolling up in a ball purposely like you would roll yarn into a ball.

    I use wreath boxes for the wreaths, Obvious Guy told me that was best to avoid crushing.

    And then we're on to the other bins for the other holidays.

    1. S'mee you are so funny. A turquoise tree?? Need a picture.

  2. Chris and I took our Christmas tree down just a few weeks ago - and it was a HILARIOUS adventure! It was so terribly dry that it shed excessively DOWN THE ENTIRE THREE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS. Keep in mind, we live in an apartment complex, so we were destroying common space, not just our own place.

    Oh yeah, and we don't yet have a vacuum. So we cleaned up the CARPETED stairs with a dustpan and brush.

    So no judgement here, hahaha!

  3. Whoa there! Tree still up - ornaments gone? OUCH! No no no! If you are leaving the tree up this long, it should be decorated!!! tisk tisk tisk! lol

    Seriously though - I love your bins! Would you share where you found them. I use cardboard boxes and while the ornaments tucked inside are quite organized and well packed, one cardboard box looks pretty much lie another even with big black numbers and letters on the outside! I love this idea of red and green!!!